A Better Way of Working

Excelsior Desktop is an amazing environment which makes Windows 3.1 faster and easier to use than ever before. Nothing gets in your way as you speed through your work, everything falls immediately to hand. It's so easy to use you'll wonder how you ever managed without it! Although Excelsior Desktop incorporates the latest ideas in interface design, this powerful environment gives superb performance even on modest hardware.

Place Applications and Documents on your Desktop

No more searching through Program Manager groups, trying to find the application or document you want! With Excelsior Desktop you can put frequently used applications and documents on your Windows desktop, so they are always handy when you need them. The easiest way is simply to drag files out of File Manager and drop them on your desktop.

Handy Pop-up Menu

Simply Right-click on your Windows Desktop to bring up a menu giving rapid access to many of Excelsior Desktop's powerful features - what could be easier?


Convenient Program Runner

To run a program just choose Run Program... from the pop-up menu. Excelsior Desktop even lists the last 20 programs you ran this way, from which you can choose.


Multiple Desktops

Set up multiple desktops, and switch between them at the touch of a mouse button. You can set up a desktop for each project you're working on, or allocate other users of your machine a desktop of their own.


Auto-Arrange Desktop Items

Excelsior Desktop can even help keep your workspace tidy, by automatically arranging your desktop items.

Full Control Over Properties of Individual Items

Simply right-click on any desktop item to display this dialog showing its many properties


Intuitive Drag & Drop Support
Drag & Drop is simply a more intuitive way to work. Excelsior Desktop includes extensive support for Drag & Drop:

- Drag a document item from your desktop onto an application item to open the file

- Drag a file from File Manager and drop it onto an application item to open the file

- Drag a file from File Manager and drop it onto your desktop to create a new desktop item.


(Excelsior Desktop is not compatible with Windows95 or NT)

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